A user can choose either an applicant's role if they are looking for a job or an employer's role if they are looking for specialists. An employer can be a company representative, recruiter, or freelancer.
Be Free
The task was to make a layout for Instagram 919. In the course of the work, there was no difficulty. The posts turned out to be clean and beautiful, just as the client wanted. And I'm sure that their service will fundamentally change the structure of sourcing high caliber talent in lifestyle and entertainment industries. The service will target freelance, part-time and full-time applicants with it ease of access and approachable, streamlined format.
The service for users was divided into two global roles: Employer and Applicant. An employer can create castings. An applicant can respond to created castings, participate in online interviews, take photos, and record video presentations.
Exclusive Jumpsuit Brand
Japanese Cuisine
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