My promotional video for Nintendo

I made a promotional video for Nintendo and in less than a month, it has gained more than 700,000 views on my YouTube channel. I think this is a good indicator for a new account. And as you can see, a good implementation of an idea can take you to a new level! Colorful scenes, full of dynamism and motion tricks that will set your day in motion. I hope you enjoy this video created for my subscribers on YouTube!

Design: Ligretix
Animation: Ligretix
Texture Painting: Ligretix
Music: MarbleSound
My first 3D project was a promotional video for Nintendo that, within a month, was able to garner over 700,000 views on my YouTube channel. This result shows that I am not only talented, but also an efficient professional in creating 3D visualizations. I brought to life bright and memorable scenes filled with dynamic motion and effects to create an unforgettable experience for viewers.

My approach to creating promotional videos involves many stages, starting from the idea and ending with the final rendering. I use various techniques, including modeling, lighting, texturing, tracking, and compositing, to create a high-quality end product. As a result, my videos look very expensive and professional.

I believe that the secret to success lies in good idea execution, and I strive for perfection in every detail. I look forward to the opportunity to continue creating beautiful and high-quality videos that will give viewers unforgettable impressions for years to come.
To create this commercial for Nintendo, I used professional 3D software such as Cinema 4D. I started by creating character designs and a script for the commercial. Then I translated these ideas into 3D models using high-quality textures and lighting to achieve maximum realism.

I used animation to create dynamic and beautiful movements for the objects and camera.

After completing the 3D animation, I exported all the files and began working in After Effects, where I created composite images, added color correction, and adjusted the sound. I also added the Nintendo logo and additional interface elements to make the commercial look professional and high-quality.

Overall, the project involved multiple stages, from idea and design to rendering, compositing, and sound effects. Each stage was carefully planned and implemented using high-quality tools and software, resulting in a professional outcome.
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