Creating a Dynamic 3D Video for Purys Lemonades

Dynamic and engaging video that effectively showcases Purys products.

Agency: Smysli
Client: Eridan
Storyboard: Ligretix
Design: Ligretix
Animation: Ligretix
Texture Painting: Ligretix
Music&SFX: Ligretix
For the "Smisli" agency, I developed a short 3D video for Purys lemonades. In this project, I was responsible for all stages of creation - from script development and modeling to rendering in Redshift.

Although this project is not particularly remarkable or outstanding in my portfolio, it was executed in accordance with the client's requirements. My main task was to create a short but dynamic and attractive video that would showcase Purys products.

I worked closely with the "Smisli" team to ensure that the video met the client's expectations and requirements. We received useful feedback and comments that helped us improve the work and make it more effective.

I am ready to apply my experience and knowledge to help clients achieve their goals and create high-quality content for their brands, whether it be large or small-scale projects.
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