My promotional video for Sirius

I created a commercial for the Sirius chocolate factory.
The video script shows that chocolate can be not only delicious, but also beautiful!
Enjoy watching this!

Agency: Smysli
Client: Sirius
Storyboard: Ligretix
Design: Ligretix
Animation: Ligretix
Texture Painting: Ligretix
Music: Nicholas Ripamonti
To create a commercial video for the "Sirius" chocolate factory, I encountered a multitude of difficulties and challenges. My main goal was to create scenes that would evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication in the viewer, as well as look very expensive and exclusive. I began with a careful development of the script, in order to convey to the audience that chocolate candies are not only a delicious treat, but also a true work of art.

Various tools and programs were used to create the scenes, including Cinema4D for modeling and scene construction, Houdini for chocolate simulation, Substance Painter for texturing, and the Redshift rendering engine for creating beautiful and high-quality rendering.

Throughout the project, various technical problems arose, such as creating light with beautiful reflections on objects and realistic chocolate simulation, in order to achieve the most natural appearance of the product.

As a result, thanks to the use of 3D animation, a unique, beautiful, and magnificent video was created that met all the customer's requirements. The project evoked a sense of luxury and sophistication in the viewers, which was one of the main goals in creating the video. Overall, the project was successfully completed by using various technical possibilities and tools to create high-quality and attractive 3D animation.



I presented a project on the Behance platform with high-quality design and demonstrated the process of work, sharing my experience in creating a video for SIRIUS CANDY. Please visit the project page to appreciate its beauty.
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